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Transport and Siting

Ideal caravans can offer a helping hand when it comes to caravan transport and professional siting.

Find out more:

t: 0191 3780146 ask for the Service Department

e: email

You can also take advantage of the complete transportation and siting service. We offer a full service, which includes:

  • Preparation and pull-off of Pitch - subject to access and your Holiday Park
  • Transporting your Holiday Home to it's new destination - depending on location
  • Professionally siting and connecting of your Holiday Home at its new location - depending on access and location


  • Inform the Park Owners (where applicable) at both locations regarding your intentions
  • Ensure that your Holiday Home is securely packed inside so that damage is prevented during the process of moving. Ideally remove everything.
  • Check that the tow bar and wheels of your Holiday Home are in good working order to allow the transportation process to run smoothly.

For more help, advice or a quotation please contact the Ideal Service Department.

Useful tip - Please provide the Ideal Service Department with the following holiday home information:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Dimensions
  • Holiday Park and Pitch location
  • Where your Holiday Home keys can be accessed and where to leave the keys 

t: 0191 3780146 ask for the Service Department.

Our holiday home and the service we received from Ideal Caravans more than met our expectations and we are delighted

Mr and Mrs Thompson, Lancashire