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Holiday Home Preparation - End of Season

  1. Clean and empty the refrigerator, leaving the door open to allow air to circulate.
  2. Remove foodstuffs and tinned products.
  3. Stand seating cushions upright to allow airing.
  4. Open all interior doors and cupboards.
  5. Ensure all air vents are free from obstruction.
  6. Check that all windows and skylights are secure.
  7. Turn off the gas supply.
  8. Turn off electricity supply at main switch box.
  9. Lubricate corner legs and tow coupling.
  10. Turn off water mains and drain off all water in the plumbing system.
  11. Empty toilet of water or add anti-freeze.
  12. Drain off water heater - see manufacturer's instructions for guidance.
  13. It may be useful to keep all of the Manufactures handbooks in a safe place for easy reference.
  14. Do not drain off the radiator system; it contains anti-freeze and is a sealed unit.
  15. Leave the curtains open.
  16. Take valuables with you when you leave or if this isn't possible store them in a safe place out of view.
Our holiday home and the service we received from Ideal Caravans more than met our expectations and we are delighted

Mr and Mrs Thompson, Lancashire